Wednesday Aug 16, 2023

Episode 35 - Sheren Gaulbert - Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Pain Treatment

Understanding the Impact of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Pain Treatment - Sheren Gaulbert in Conversation with Tim Beames

Introduction: In this insightful podcast episode, host Tim Beames engages in a captivating conversation with Sheren Gaulbert, delving into the fascinating realm of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and its pivotal role in pain treatment. Unraveling the mysteries behind language, beliefs, and pattern matches in the context of pain, this discussion offers a fresh perspective on managing and alleviating discomfort.

Key Points:

  1. Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy: Sheren Gaulbert introduces the concept of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy, a potent approach to pain management that combines cognitive therapy and hypnosis. The discussion highlights the empowering aspects of this therapeutic method, which aim to bring about lasting relief.

  2. Language and Pain: Tim and Sheren explore the significant impact of language on pain perception. How the words we use to describe our discomfort can influence our overall experience, and how reframing language can play a vital role in the healing process.

  3. The Role of Beliefs: Sheren Gaulbert sheds light on the powerful connection between beliefs and pain. Unraveling the relationship between one's mindset and the intensity of their pain, the episode discusses how shifting limiting beliefs can open doors to transformative healing.

  4. Pattern Matches in Pain: Delving deeper, the conversation touches upon the intriguing notion of pattern matches in pain experiences. Sheren explains how past experiences and memories can affect the way we perceive pain in the present, and how breaking these patterns can offer relief.

In this thought-provoking episode, Sheren Gaulbert and Tim Beames offer valuable insights into the world of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy and its efficacy in pain treatment. Listeners gain a fresh understanding of the interplay between language, beliefs, and pattern matches in shaping our experiences of pain. To learn more and join the Le Pub community, connect through email, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook at the provided contact details.


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