Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

Episode 44: Dr Felicity Braithwaite - Learning from architects to shape successful treatment for pain

Pain Podcast by Le Pub Scientifique with Dr Felicity Braithwaite

In this episode, Le Pub Scientifique dives into the fascinating world of pain research with Dr Felicity Braithwaite, a postdoctoral researcher at UniSA in Adelaide, Australia. Felicity's work focuses on placebo control research, particularly using innovative methods like sham dry needling techniques. More recently, she has delved into an Osteoarthritis (OA) trial, bringing a wealth of experience and insights to the discussion.

Dr Braithwaite's research in placebo control is notable for its exploration of unconventional techniques, such as sham dry needling. This method involves simulating the act of needling without actually penetrating the skin. The application of such techniques sheds light on the placebo effect and its impact on pain perception, offering a nuanced understanding of how psychological factors can influence pain experiences.

The podcast delves into Dr. Breathwaite's more recent work on an Osteoarthritis (OA) trial. A key focus is on her approach to co-design research trials with individuals who have a lived experience of pain. Co-design involves actively involving patients in the research process, from shaping the study design to interpreting results. Dr Braithwaite shares her experiences, discussing both the opportunities and challenges that arise when collaborating with those who intimately understand the impact of pain on their lives.

The conversation touches upon the hurdles faced in the professional field when embracing co-design methodologies. Similar to architects involving the public in their work, the pain treatment field can benefit significantly from incorporating the perspectives of those who directly experience pain. Dr Braithwaite reflects on the fear within the professional realm, highlighting the need for a shift in mindset towards recognising the value that patients bring to the research process.

The podcast explores the concept of prioritisation, negative framing, and the potential benefits of asking for the worst solution instead of the best. Dr Braithwaite explains how these approaches can open up a treasure trove of information, providing a more comprehensive understanding of pain experiences and improving the relevance and effectiveness of pain treatment strategies.

As the episode concludes, it becomes clear that Dr Braithwaite's work not only contributes to the scientific understanding of pain but also advocates for a paradigm shift in research methodologies. The co-design approach emerges as a powerful tool for enriching pain research, emphasising the importance of collaboration between researchers and those with lived experiences in shaping the future of pain treatment.


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